My name is Andy Murray. I’m an Australian born, Glasgow based illustrator and
artist. Working across watercolour, pencil and ink, my process is analogue based and tailored for both digital and printed matter. Across the last ten years, I have made images for campaigns, brands, publication, hoarding, wallpaper and various digital platforms. I work internationally, mainly featuring work in Australia and the United Kingdom. Between 2015-2021, I taught Illustration at Monash University.

If you have a project in mind, please get in touch.



More Watercolours and Drawings

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Charters Hall

Some Velvet Sky

Lesa Upstairs



Fenton Food and Wine

Travel Drawings and Paintings

Shustin Development

Florence Footpaths – Lindsay Magazine

Drawings and Development Sketches 2013‑2023

Halliday Cover 2021


Project for Yemen

Shustin Development 2

Old Melbourne Town

Alms Gate

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